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Here's what people have said about our performances.

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We saw you guys for the first time at the feast at St. Mary's on 9-7-2013 and were impressed with your talent, variety of music and all around professionalism. You have added two fans in my wife and I. What a performance! I was in the middle of the crowd and saw people just stop and listen and dance and just listen and enjoy what they were hearing. Bravo!

"I saw you guys for the first time tonight in Wappingers. You really rocked the gazebo! In my travels seeing town park concerts, you are my new favorite band. You guys knocked ******** out of my first place favorites tonight!! I hope to catch you at the gazebo again next summer. Wappingers saved the best for last this year! Rock on."...Bobbie A.

"You guys ROCKED!!!! last night!!!! Thank you so much for making our wedding day amazing!!!"...David B.

"You guys have a great sound. Couple that with a terrific play list and you can't help but dance till you can't dance no more."...Lynn M.

"You guys are easily the best local band hands down. My friend George and I try never to miss a show. Keep up the good work. You guys sound better every time we hear you."...Ed S

"WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You blew the Village away. They made me promise to have you return again next summer for another performance. John (Skinny) Regan sends his compliments. He thought you were fantastic and honestly speaking the best and most professional band to perform in the Park. Thank you for a wonderful evening. The Wappingers Falls Business & Professional Association was very proud to have sponsored the concert."...Cindy L.

"One of the greatest bands I've ever heard...and I've heard MANY over the years!"...Andy G

"Just a quick "Thank you" for your performance last week at Our Lady of Lourdes High School. You guys were fabulous as usual!! I appreciated it."... Cindy L

"You guys did a great job, it was a great party to work on our end and everyone was really nice."...Jennifer M, Metro Party Planners

"Looking forward to seeing you again soon had a great time at Skytop when you were there last!!"...Lisa D.

"You guys sounded great last night! We all really enjoyed it."...Mike M.

"My boyfriend and I were out on the town last night and were drawn to the rockin' sound coming from Mariners. I come from Manhattan so I can honestly say that talent like yours is a pleasure to listen to."...Kathleen B.

"Wow, you guys sound great!"... Kacee T

"you guys did a wonderfull job at Gisianos."...Tony T.

"Recently saw your band in the hudson valley... WOW you guys rocked the total house... What energy and sound... fantastic."...Stephina D

"You guys are my favorite local Band. I have many great flashbacks to my younger days when I listen to you. In my opinion you sound as good, and sometimes even better, than the original artists, especially when you do - U2 -. I catch you at the Skytop Steakhouse most of the time, and last night you guys were on.... Entertainment at its best!"...Bill H.

"Great group. Love the music. Can't wait to see you perform again."...Jill P

"The Cagneys are one of the best bands I have seen in a long time."...Suzanne F

"Saw you guys last night at Stella's! Fabulous."...Rita F.

"The party was great! People raved about The Cagneys."...Denise H.

"You guys are awesome! Had a blast!"...Renee F.

"The best cover band, EVER."...Mark G.

"this is a great group!!!!"...Dale A.

"We love The Cagneys! Love the new songs too! Can't wait to see them again."...Diane P.

"It was a pleasure hearing you guys the other night at Skytop. I was singing in my seat and just loving it. You guys were great and hope to hear you more often. Im new to area and love it here so knowing you guys just made it better. Blessings and keep jamming."...Jose D.

"Just checked out the songs on your website, nice job, about as close to the originals as I've ever heard any band cover a song-- even the tribute bands. You guys are fortunate too to have a good tenor who can cover songs like Sherry and Faithfully. "...Steve

"saw you guys at holiday last weekend.. you were great; can't wait to see you again"...Sandy M.

"You guys were great last night at Mariner's!!"...Lisa D.

"That's the way a band should sound....Impressive. I heard the band tonight for the 1st time, great vocals. You're all very talented and entertaining"...Diane F.

"A Cagneys nite makes everyone happy!!!"...Liz C.

"Came from Staten Island [to see The Cagneys in Kingston] and can say the trip was so very worth it."...Richie G.

"Thank you Cagneys for making the KHS Class of 77' 35th reunion a rockin event. As always your guys were awesome and made the night extra special !!!!"...Terri B.