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The Cagneys' members joined forces in the Hudson Valley (New York) in October of 2007. All 4 members are seasoned music veterans of many bands over several decades. With everything from slow ballads to energetic rock, and with their strong vocals including 4-part harmonies, they are sure to get you dancing and singing along. Click on the "Songs" tab above to display a typical Cagneys show.

The Cagneys want to thank our devoted fans for all your support over the 10 years we were together. Let's plan to stay in touch.


The Cagneys are:

Ed Flick : guitar, keyboard and vocals
Mike Rich : basses and vocals
Victor Ruzzo : drums, percussion and vocals (the original)
Steve Marnell : drums, percussion and vocals
Thorne Ventura : guitar, keyboard and vocals

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Our bar days: October 2007 - September 2017
Played only the hits !

Picture of The Cagneys
In Loving Memory of Victor Ruzzo (1955 - 2015)