The idea for a progressive rock band named Apostle began in 1976 in Roslyn, New York, and blossomed into a performing, Long Island band in 1979. While songs by ELP, Genesis, Kansas, Toto, Foreigner and their original compositions rounded out their repertoire, it was Yes music that was their staple. Their rendition of the rarely-covered "Sound Chaser" has become legendary. With a Battle of the Bands win under their belt, Apostle went on to perform to packed clubs throughout the summer of '79. Though Apostle disbanded in 1980, each of its musicians stayed very active in their respective music scenes throughout the years. In 2005 talks about reforming began and now Apostle rocks again with 3 original members, a terrific, new lead vocalist and a multi-talented keyboardist! In 2008 Apostle decided to embrace its strengths and play Yes music exclusively.

Apostle permanently (?) disbanded in 2009 after their 2 final performances on Long Island, NY. Videos of these performances are available on youTube. Click on the "Repertoire / Video" tab in the menu at left.

The Apostle Concept

Apostle is unlike most tribute bands that copy the original recordings without deviation, and look and act like the bands to which they pay tribute. Apostle is more a tribute to the LIVE music of Yes. Apostle uses the studio recordings for signature melodies, vocal arrangements and song formats, paying meticulous attention to detail, but also integrates passages from an assortment of live Yes recordings. Finally Apostle adds its own inspiration in the spirit of what one might hear at a live Yes show. The result is a high-energy performance that evolves from show to show.


"Not only did you cover it well, but you kept the feeling and purpose of the song intact while adding your own flavor. Great respect for your band!" - 14olaf
"It's good to see someone covering Yes and doing it right. I'm a rabid Yes fan (and African American) and I know what I like, AND I LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - CHEWII51
"I've been checking out your videos and I am highly impressed." - ToujoursLAmour
"Excellent work on one of my favourite Yes tracks." - jatkinson85
"These guys are fantastic! Keep on keeping on!" - Brandii141
"I haven't heard this song in at least 20 years! Wow! You guys rock! Superb!!" - bohemian1962
"Very well performed this complex YES song, well done!!" - rmswart
"Only real, bad-ass musicians would even attempt this song, or one like it." - cruptbside
"What an awesome cover band! guys are superb." - FreshandMinty
"GAWD!!! I could hardly sit here without stomping my feet! YOU GUYS KICK ASS!!! This is THE best cover of this song I have ever heard." - SilverHamer
"You guys have always played well, and it just keeps getting better." - dylanw26
"The band in the videos is amazing and probably the best YES band I've ever heard. And to top it off, these guys do way more than the "big hits"... they do the songs no one else will touch. Also, their singer sounds a lot like Yes's singer (even though she's a girl) and the bass player is as good or better than the guy in the real YES." - comm-kd8bv
"I normally don't care much for cover bands, but you guys sound great, good job." - Bungle41582
"WOW. You guys are amazing! What great Yes covers. I can't get over how much you sound like them. 5 stars. I close my eyes and I am back at a Yes concert. I can hear all of them - Howe, Squire, Wakeman, Bruford and Anderson."...TimG
"GREAT gig last night. Apostle was spectacular. So THAT's how those YES songs are supposed to be played!"...Michael B.
"omg you guys are incredible!"...connord12
"Well to say I am impressed would be an understatement. GREAT JOB. You are incredible on those very complex parts."...Jack F.
"The hard work shows and the love for the music really comes through. I see a lot of bands in my neighborhood (Whiskey a go-go, Vipor Room, etc. down the street). Most of them lack the joy you guys are playing with. Some of the alchemy is derived from that joy. There's no substitute for it. Good for you guys!"...LA Tom
"WOW/AWESOME/PERFECT/ASS KICKIN/SUPERB/GREAT MUSICIANS/AMAZING!!!!! etc etc. I knew you were great, but never realized, THAT GREAT!"... Gary H.
"I closed my eyes during Close to the Edge and thought it was YES! Your bass sounds better than mine ever did and your bass lines are note for note. The guitarist is amazing... he's got the parts down too. Everybody is ridiculously great. You may in fact be the best YES tribute on the planet right now."...2U Denis
"Excellent playing, excellent balance, very clean. Nice job guys."...annerenzo
"Well done! It's amazing how well you all nail these tunes. Sweet jam at the end."...marluc322